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Valentina, the owner of All County® Capital Experts in Salt Lake City, is an international negotiator at heart. Valentina has lived in China, Canada, Colombia and the United States; all the while, taking in useful information from across the globe on successful business management tactics. Turning her attention to property management back in 2018 was influenced by real estate professionals that shared the same goals and ideas as Capital Experts. As a lifelong business owner, Valentina spearheaded her and her family’s movement into real estate investment due to her newfound passion for property management.

Most people will tell you that the single hardest part of renting houses is finding solid property management. Valentina decided that instead of squandering time and resources on other property management companies she would invest her time in creating her own reliable company. That way she can help others through the entire process of buying and managing real estate. Valentina soon realized that All County® was the opportunity and answer to the impending issues she was seeing in the property management industry. The mission of All County® Capital Experts is to assist and commit to property investors’ success in the greater Salt Lake City area.

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